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Are you looking to create business opportunities in more than one state? 
Join us!

The U.S. Hydrogen Alliance is the only hydrogen business trade association active state-by-state.
Interested in learning about membership? Contact us today.

Why Join?
View our Member Benefits

Strategy Sessions

Monthly one-on-one strategy meetings to discuss company priorities


Opportunities to represent company and the United States Hydrogen Alliance with key external partners 


Weekly policy reports tracking federal and state policies related to hydrogen & fuel cells

Policy Engagement

Opportunities to provide expert technical testimonies and regulatory comments during implementation

Business Development

Tailored business development introductions

Exclusive Events

Member organizations receive access to exclusive United States Hydrogen Alliance events

Hear From Our Members

Jeff Holyoak
TOMCO Systems

"The differentiator between USHA and other trade associations is that it's not a trade association; it's an active legislative impact machine, really. It's helping to drive the infrastructure that's needed to build out the actual physical infrastructure of hydrogen and not just a group of people all collectively involved in hydrogen just talking."

Carolina Ahlstrand

“There is no price tag on what USHA has done for us. We have not felt this support with any other organization so far. The value is not only in introductions to relevant actors and states but also with the members. It's also about the care, the personalized care, and attention to our needs.”

Greg Heller
HNO International

"In our six months with USHA, the return on investment has been evident through the connections made and knowledge gained, especially during USHA's series on tax incentives, which clarified many complexities for us. USHA's role is crucial in accelerating the application of clean hydrogen and fostering partnerships within the industry, contributing to the growth of the hydrogen economy."

Aaron Villarreal

“They [USHA] helped us get introduced to the right people to further our business,” by connecting him with policymakers, relevant stakeholders, other industry members, and even promoting collaboration between our members.

George Drake

“I think that HSB has gained hundreds of contacts through the U.S. Hydrogen Alliance. The network is fantastic… Our membership has opened up so many doors to so many people and so many companies in this emerging market. I can't be happier with our membership.”

Tim Sasseen
Ballard Power Systems

"At the US Hydrogen Alliance, we've seen real policy impact, with legislation developed and passed that enhances state-level understanding of hydrogen and ensures the proper allocation of funds. This support allows our products to reach the market and provides our customers with the necessary resources to deploy these solutions."

The United States Hydrogen Alliance is unmatched in the number of policies sponsored and signed compared to any other hydrogen and fuel cell trade association.



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