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About Us

Our Mission

The United States Hydrogen Alliance is a member-based non-profit business trade association. We are dedicated to building the hydrogen economy by advancing the market for hydrogen within the United States.

The United States Hydrogen Alliance brings together a unique set of individuals and forward-thinking organizations that consistently take action. We swiftly make moves to bring our society closer to zero emissions and towards achieving energy sovereignty. Our mission is to integrate hydrogen and fuel cells effectively into the United States’ transition to more sustainable energy and transportation systems.

The United States Hydrogen Alliance's Three Stages of Approach and Strategy

We observe from a high level the dynamics within the hydrogen industry, broader energy and transportation landscape, and other political currents.

Eagle Perch

While in action, we play the guardian role, we create meaningful collaborations between industry and policymakers, and act as a connector for the hydrogen hubs (H2 Nation Network).

Eagle Flying

On the ground, we work to ensure that all hydrogen ecosystems in diverse regions are thriving, while also removing any potential barriers to furthering the hydrogen economy.

Eagle Catching Fish

Our Accomplishments

By The Numbers

We Launched Nationwide as the
United States Hydrogen Alliance 

(formally known as the Western States Hydrogen Alliance)

"United States Hydrogen Alliance established to become the ‘go-to’ organization for hydrogen and fuel cells."

- H2 View News -

Our Initiatives

  • Provide incentives for hydrogen use and production in the Western States

  • Support legislation that pushes lower cost hydrogen fuel, such as low carbon fuel standard (LCFS)

  • Provide resources to members for project development

Our Successes

  • Advanced hydrogen policies in California, Utah, Washington, Hawaii, and Nevada

  • LCFS in Washington and interest to replicate from other states

  • Direct tax incentives for hydrogen production in Utah

  • Budget allocations for hydrogen in Utah and Washington

HB 223

Alternative Fuel Incentives

Enacts refundable corporate and 

individual income tax credits for systems that produce hydrogen from renewable and nonrenewable sources.

Signed by Governor, Utah

SB 430

Hydrogen Financing Opportunities

Creates State Infrastructure Bank 

Financing Opportunities for Hydrogen.

Signed by Governor, Nevada

AB 413

Transportation Study

Creates a working group on state 

transportation and funding which could strongly impact FCEVs. The Department of Transportation is required to review the sustainability of the State Highway Fund.

Signed by Governor, Nevada

SB 934

Relating to Measurement Standards

Exempts hydrogen fuels from petroleum product measurement requirements. This exemption allows hydrogen to be more easily sold in the state.

Signed by Governor, Hawaii

SB 5000

Creating a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Pilot Sales and Use Tax Exemption Program

Removes the MSRP eligibility cap on the sale or lease of a new electric passenger, medium-duty passenger, and light duty truck fuel cell electric vehicles for a 50% sales and use tax credit based on the purchase price or fair market value at time of the lease. For used vehicles, 100% of the sales and use tax is exempted up to a market value of $16,000.

Signed by Governor, Washington

HB 1091

Reducing Greenhouse Gas 

Emissions by Reducing the Carbon Intensity of Transportation Fuel

Hydrogen will be included, as will numerous other fuels, as a clean fuel under the CFS. Electrolytic Hydrogen’s Carbon Intensity (CI) will be calculated using the specific fuel mix provided by each utility, so H2’s CI will vary by the actual electricity used.

Signed by Governor, Washington

SB 328

Hydrogen Energy Storage

Establishes that new biennial targets be set by the PUCN and directs the PUCN to consider all known and measurable benefits and costs.

Signed by Governor, Nevada

SB 448

Energy Omnibus 

Allows hydrogen and fuel cell projects to be eligible for Nevada’s renewable energy tax abatement program.

Signed by Governor, Nevada

SB 932

Relating to Dept. of Business & Economic Development

Authorizes money in the green 

infrastructure special fund to be used to finance the purchase of clean energy equipment, including electric vehicles.

Signed by Governor, Hawaii

HB 552

Relating to the Environment

Establishes the goal for state agencies to achieve a 100% zero emission light-duty fleet by 2035.

Signed by Governor, Hawaii

SB 5126

Concerning the Washington Climate Commitment Act

Cap and trade legislation modeled similar to California’s program, with distinct differences. Electrolytic and other low carbon hydrogen could, in addition to the transportation sector, realistically play a part in GHG emissions reductions for the refinery, natural gas and other covered entities.

Signed by Governor, Washington



Approximately $5M has been 

appropriated for hydrogen related infrastructure, and approximately $16.3M has been appropriated for competitive grant programs that include hydrogen related infrastructure and vehicle end-use market development opportunities.

Signed by Governor, Washington

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