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TLM One Inc.

Their mission:

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"TLM One Inc joined USHA  because it shares the common goal of integrating hydrogen and fuel cells effectively into the United States’ transition to more sustainable energy and transportation systems. By bringing our extended knowledge and experience in building Hydrogen Refueling Stations, we hope to achieve this goal. "

About TLM One Inc.

TLM One Inc. was founded in 1998 by brothers Trinidad and Eduardo Martinez, in Los Angeles, California as TLM Petro Labor Force. The pair began working in the Petroleum Retail Construction Industry in 1986 for separate firms learning all aspects of the trade; including UST removal/installation, fuel piping, dispenser installation, monitoring, electrical and project management. In 1998 the two began their own company and successfully grew their business into a multi-million-dollar construction firm building retail stations and convenience stores for Circle K, BP, Jacksons Food Stores, and many independent ARCO, Chevron, Mobil and 76 dealers.

TLM One is always looking towards the future of fueling. In 2008, TLM built its first Hydrogen Refueling Station. The pilot project was a joint venture between the DOE and BP for the City of Burbank. This project would kick TLM on a path in which we would invest many years and resources to develop a Hydrogen Fueling division. TLM would build its second Hydrogen Refueling Station in 2015 for Linde in San Juan Capistrano. In 2018 TLM built its first station for Plug Power that would begin a successful relationship with the hydrogen powerhouse. Since that initial build, TLM has built a total of (11) Hydrogen Refueling Stations for Plug Power from 2018 to 2023.

Hydrogen Fueling

Key Features:

  • As the transition is made towards zero emission vehicles, TLM One has made a commitment to build out the necessary infrastructure to support this transition. Hydrogen Fueling will be key in helping reduce emissions and TLM One prides itself in building one of the first Hydrogen fueling stations in California in 2008 for BP and the DOE.

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Contact Them

Carlos Martinez

Director of Business Development

+1 (310) 639-2227

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