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RW Energy

Your turnkey blue hydrogen production partner.

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At RW Energy, we are committed to delivering cost-effective hydrogen solutions with a focus on long-term value. Our team of experienced engineers and project leads are dedicated to the success of each project and work closely with our clients to ensure that all of their energy needs are met.

About RW Energy

RW Energy is a blue hydrogen logistics company that supports companies to better utilize their natural gas and methane supply.  Companies partner with us to solve methane emissions, diversify their natural gas portfolio and cure stranded gas assets. Using our expertise we support companies through equipment selection, engineering design and sales logistics bringing them into the clean hydrogen ecosystem and natural gas optimization.

It Is Time to Go Blue

Why Go Blue?

  • Better for the Environment

    • ​Blue hydrogen production involves capturing and storing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions generated during the steam methane reforming (SMR) process.

  • Market Growth

    • The global blue hydrogen market size reached $1.02 Billion in 2021 and is expected to register a revenue CAGR of 14.8% during through forecasts to 2030.

  • Multiple Alternative Energy Mix

    • Hydrogen is central to the alternative energy market as it has uses in fuel cells, EV charging stations, energy storage, gas blending, industrial processes, microgrids, maritime, long haul transport and aviation to name a few.

  • The Hydrogen Economy

    • ​The U.S. clean hydrogen market is poised for rapid growth, accelerated by historic commitments toAmerica’s clean energy economy.

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Darin Knicely

CEO and co-owner

Hear Darin discuss RW Energy, a company focused on blue hydrogen project and infrastructure development, highlight the unique advantages and challenges of operating a small business in the evolving hydrogen market. RW Energy engages in everything from blue hydrogen to carbon capture and market development, handling negotiations across the hydrogen value chain from investors to off-takers. He also shares a personal anecdote about the origin of the company's name, RW, which stands for "recycle waste" and also incorporates his children's initials, emphasizing a long-term vision for generational sustainability. 

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Darin Knicely

CEO and Co-Owner

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