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Modern Hydrogen

Their mission: to make energy cleaner and cheaper through science and technology breakthroughs.

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At Modern Hydrogen, we are at the forefront of a pivotal shift in the energy landscape, driven by the vast potential of hydrogen as the cornerstone of a sustainable future. Our mission extends beyond mere energy production; we are dedicated to pioneering the development of cutting-edge hydrogen production technologies that are not only scalable but also seamlessly integrate with the existing energy infrastructure. This approach enables us to unlock the full potential of hydrogen as a versatile, clean energy, promising a radical transformation in how energy is generated and utilized. By leveraging advanced pre-combustion carbon capture techniques, we produce hydrogen in a manner that significantly reduces the carbon footprint of traditional energy sources, setting a new standard for clean, efficient energy solutions. Our vision is clear: to bring hydrogen-powered solutions to reality, where clean, reliable, and affordable hydrogen energy becomes an option for communities and industries worldwide.

About Modern Hydrogen

Their mission is simple: make energy cheaper and cleaner. How they do that, and the steps along that path are much less simple, but every one of them believes that technology and innovation will be a crucial pillar of humanity’s battle with itself to limit and reverse our impact on the planet. Their Products are built on science and engineering breakthroughs, and they work tirelessly to find, scale, and implement more and more of that magic. Their business is built with a focus on pragmatism and partnerships - ivory tower idealism and going-it-alone are not how they operate. Everyone there shares a sense of urgency and purpose at the immense challenge before us, and if you do too, they hope you’ll join them.

MH500 - Onsite Hydrogen Generator

Strip the carbon out of natural gas or RNG to supply clean, affordable hydrogen to existing operations. The unit sits onsite at the meter, meaning there’s no need to wait for new hydrogen infrastructure, or pay for expensive hydrogen logistics and supply chains. Solid Carbon is removed from the system to be sequestered in durable application.

Recommended Applications

  • Industrial and Commercial Boilers

  • Industrial and Commercial Furnaces

  • Process Heating

  • Hydrogen Blending

  • On-Road Mobility Fueling (Buses, Trucks, FCEVs)

  • Off-Road Mobility Fueling (High Uptime Logistics Vehicles)

  • Dispatchable Onsite Power Generation and Co-Gen

  • Process Cover Gas

Learn more here.

Onsite Hydrogen Generator

Meet Their Team

Max Mankin

Max Mankin
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Max Mankin is the newest member of the board of directors here at the United States Hydrogen Alliance. 

Max is an energy technology leader. He is a Co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer at Modern Hydrogen. This Seattle-based startup is dedicated to transforming the energy sector through the development of cost-effective, modular, and reliable clean energy systems. At Modern Hydrogen, Max leads product development, engineering, and manufacturing. He plays a pivotal role in establishing partnerships with customers, investors, and industry stakeholders, and setting strategy for the company's market presence, product offerings, and technology. His skills include management, leadership, new product development, and a deep understanding of hydrogen production and engineering.

Prior to Modern Hydrogen, Max was an entrepreneur in residence at the Invention Science Fund. Max earned a BS with honors in chemistry from Brown University and a PhD in physical chemistry from Harvard University. Max is an inventor on a few dozen patents pending and granted. His accolades include one of Inc. Magazine’s most brilliant entrepreneurs.

Experience and Education:

  • Co-founder and CTO of Modern Hydrogen, focusing on onsite hydrogen production and power generation solutions.

  • Board Director with 2 policy and technology non-profits

  • Adviser with 3 other startup companies

  • Entrepreneur in Residence, Invention Science Fund

  • PhD Physical Chemistry, Harvard University, focus on energy systems and solar efficiency improvements; Hertz Foundation Fellow

  • BS Chemistry, Brown University, focus on fuel cell catalyst enhancements

Founder and CEO Tony Pan Headshot

Tony Pan
Co-Founder and CEO

Tony Pan is a visionary scientist and entrepreneur, serving as the Co-founder and CEO of Modern Hydrogen, a company on a mission to revolutionize the energy landscape. With a commitment to making energy cleaner and more affordable, Modern Hydrogen is at the forefront of groundbreaking technology in clean hydrogen production and high-value solid carbon.


Tony’s extraordinary contributions are underscored by his impressive portfolio of over 250 pending patents in diverse fields, including energy and climate, nanotechnology, and biomedical devices. Recognized as a trailblazer in the industry, he has earned prestigious accolades such as inclusion in Forbes 30 under 30, MIT Technology Review’s Innovators under 35, and the Business Journal’s 40 under 40.


Tony’s academic journey has been nothing short of remarkable. He holds a B.S. in Physics from Stanford University and earned his PhD from Harvard University, where he also left his mark as a published scientist in theoretical physics. Tony Pan is an influential force, driving innovation and sustainability in the pursuit of a cleaner, greener future.

Experience includes:

  1. Strategist, Goldman Sachs. Member of Global Future Councils of the World Economic Forum in Energy and in Entrepreneurship
  2. Pro bono consultant on global health, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Global Good Fund

  3. Named to Forbes 30 under 30, MIT Technology Review Innovators under 35, Business Journal 40 under 40

  4. Has raised over $100M in venture investment


National fellowships include: Hertz, Soros and National Science Foundations


Mothusi Pahl has spent two decades leading new technology introduction in energy, infrastructure, utilities and heavy industry. 


With a background managing teams building and operating large, embedded power plants, Mothusi leads Commercial Operations at Modern Hydrogen, a Seattle-based energy technologies company backed by NextEra Energy and National Grid. 


Focused on accelerating the marketplace for delivery of decarbonized natural gas (DNG), Mothusi’s experience working with client utilities covers the spectrum from small rural cooperatives to large public utility holding companies, and state-owned utilities in emerging international markets. The former Chief Commercial Officer at infrastructure-focused private equity firm B3, Mothusi served as President at powerline inspection technology company VOLT. A repeat entrepreneur, Mothusi cofounded the early field operations augmented reality company Ondaka and is an active alumnus at Stanford University’s startup accelerator StartX.

Mothusi Pahl
VP of Business Development

Contact Them

Mothusi Pahl

VP of Business Development

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