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TOMCO2 Systems (USHA Founding Member)

Their vision: Changing the way you think about CO2

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About TOMCO2 Systems

TOMCO2 Systems is a company specializing in CO2 solutions and equipment: 

  • CO2 Products and Services: TOMCO2 Systems provides a wide range of carbon dioxide (CO2) related products and services. This includes CO2 storage systems, transportation equipment, dry ice equipment, and application systems.

  • Industries Served: The company serves various industries, including food and beverage, industrial, fire suppression, water treatment, and healthcare. Their solutions are used for applications like carbonation, pH control, fire suppression, and cooling.

  • Dry Ice Production: TOMCO2 Systems manufactures dry ice production equipment and offers various solutions for dry ice applications.

  • Global Reach: While headquartered in the United States, TOMCO2 Systems serves customers around the world.

  • Innovation and Quality: The company emphasizes innovation, quality, and customer service in its operations. They offer customized solutions to meet specific client needs.

  • Sustainability Focus: TOMCO2 Systems also focuses on providing environmentally friendly solutions, recognizing the role of CO2 in various sustainable applications.

  • History: TOMCO2 Systems has a long history, with decades of experience in the CO2 industry.

CO2 Transportation

Product Features:

  • TOMCO2 Systems’ CO2 transportation equipment is designed for truck or trailer mounted use, with high quality materials and the operators daily operation in mind. With a wide array of options our transportation equipment can be configured to operate in multiple application in a variety of climates. Our delivery units are available as a complete drive-out package mounted on medium-duty trucks with flatbed or combo bodies, in sizes ranging from 2.5 ton (2.27 MT) to 12 ton (10.89 MT). Combo units are equipped with storage areas for high-pressure cylinders, lightweight econo bodies are also available.

  • TOMCO2 Systems was the pioneer in the industry and continues to innovate in mobile CO2 equipment.

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Contact Them

Jeff Holyoak

Vice President, Sales & Market Development

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