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Zero Emission Advisors

Their mission:  to accelerate the deployment of zero-emission technology & infrastructure throughout the globe. We achieve this by providing world class master planning, program & project management, engineering and design services.

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"With increasing public funding and regulatory pressure, the new energy economy is rapidly evolving. This creates tremendous opportunities, but also risk and confusion in what is an increasingly convoluted marketplace. I believe it's essential to provide a trusted, technology agnostic source of truth to guide the market through the many difficult decisions ahead of us." 
Jorden Kemper

About Zero Emission Advisors

ZEA helps public and private sector partners transform how they use energy. ZEA is a world leading expert in port decarbonization, infrastructure master planning, and medium- & heavy duty fleet transition planning. Guiding major commercial seaports and operators in their journey to zero emission, they provide engineering and design services, master planning, project management and project development support to manage risk throughout the entire process. With deep expertise in the maritime, material handling, rail and other critical logistics segments, the ZEA team has been involved in several globally recognized world's firsts projects and continues to help early adopters innovate. 

Services Platform

Core Competencies:

  1. Infrastructure Master Planning

  2. Infrastructure Design & Engineering

  3. Securing Public & Private Funding

  4. Owners Representation & Project Management

  5. Feasibility & Techno-economic Analysis

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