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Their mission: to address the global need for consistent, cost-effective, low-carbon energy and chemical production. The company aims to achieve this mission through its innovative hydrogen production technologies.

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"It’s a critical time for all of us in the hydrogen sector to come together as a unified voice to shape the future of renewable energy. USHA is playing a pivotal role by fostering collaboration, sharing expertise, and advocating for our long-term objectives. Together, members wield the collective strength needed to drive policy that paves the way towards a greener, resilient future."

Catharine Reid - BayoTech

About BayoTech

BayoTech is disrupting the established centralized hydrogen supply chain with a new, highly efficient model of local hydrogen production hubs. Producing on a small scale with their unique technology, BayoTech is making reliable, cost-effective, low-carbon hydrogen accessible today. With their complete portfolio of hydrogen production, transport and storage solutions, customers rely on BayoTech to support their transition to hydrogen. 


BayoTech is passionate about exploring the many uses of hydrogen and developing innovative technologies to harness its full potential. Their cutting-edge production, transport & storage solutions make hydrogen accessible to everyone, helping to create a cleaner and more sustainable future. BayoTech supports a variety of markets including mobility, power generation, manufacturing and industrial gas distributors.

HyFill™ Transport Trailers

Key Benefits:

  • Lower Transportation Costs

  • On-site Filling of Hydrogen Storage

  • Increased Driver Productivity 

  • Fewer Emissions

  • Best in Class Safety

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BayoTech Carbon Intensity

Learn more on BayoTech's page:

Comparing Carbon Intensity in Hydrogen Production

  1. Hydrogen Production and Carbon Emissions: While hydrogen is a clean fuel, its production and delivery involve carbon emissions. The carbon intensity varies based on factors like energy consumption and feedstock source.

  2. Misconceptions About Color Labels: Hydrogen is often labeled by color, representing different production methods. However, these colors don't fully account for carbon intensity across the entire production and delivery process.

  3. Factors Affecting Carbon Intensity: Electrolysis, often associated with "green hydrogen," can have a significant carbon impact depending on the electricity source.

  4. Reducing Carbon Impact: BayoTech’s on-site hydrogen production technology, especially using biomethane from sources like landfill gas, can significantly lower carbon intensity, potentially leading to negative carbon emissions.

Congratulations to BayoTech on their First Hydrogen Hub

BayoTech has recently opened its first privately funded hydrogen hub in Wentzville, Missouri, in partnership with Ranken Technical CollegeNikola Corporation, and Emerson. This hydrogen hub will be producing 350 tons of hydrogen per year. We are proud to stand alongside our member BayoTech in this exciting journey towards a sustainable future.

During this video, our Founder and Executive Director, Roxana Bekemohammadi, and our Policy and Communications Associate, Zoe Andrew, had the amazing opportunity to interview some of BayoTech’s team members.

Contact Them

Customer Support and Business Development Team:

Catharine Reid

Chief Marketing Officer

1-800-370-BAYO (2296)

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