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Supporting their customers on the road to mass production

In industry in general and the automotive sector in particular, developing components with compact overall dimensions is a major challenge. Every gram counts in reducing energy consumption, limiting CO2 emissions and lowering manufacturing costs. At Bontaz, one of our key skills is specifically to support our customers in the deployment of innovative architectures and functionalities. To meet the hydrogen challenge, we position ourselves as a partner, guiding our customers towards the emergence of viable, high added-value solutions. We support our customers’ projects from design and validation through to mass production.

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"Bontaz has committed our recognized expertise and agility to assist our collaborative partners in their efforts to innovate profitably for responsible industry.  We offer 50 years of experience and industrial excellence in the service of new mobility platforms in support of sustainable industrial expansion. We are currently using our vast expertise as a world leader in hydraulic functions for the most popular vehicle manufacturers worldwide.  We support all types of fuel cell powered mobility including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, large class 8 trucks, Super truck programs funded by the Department of Energy as well as maritime, rail transport, construction machinery and recreational applications. During this time of energy transition, Bontaz is asserting itself by deploying more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions."

About Bontaz

Bontaz started out in 1965 as a small bar machining workshop on a family farm in Marnaz (Haute-Savoie, France). Almost 60 years later, the Bontaz name has spread across 11 countries and has established itself as a global benchmark for automotive hydraulic functions. Their parts equip 1 in 2 vehicles worldwide! While the company was founded by a single man, Yves Bontaz, it now has 4,500 employees worldwide in 4 R&D labs and 24 locations. They are experts in automative flow control and manufactor 195 million parts per year.

A world leader in hydraulic functions, the Bontaz Group is a key reference for the biggest car manufacturers. They manufacture products for all types of mobility (electric vehicles, internal combustion engines, fuel cell engines, heavy goods vehicles, electric bicycles) and beyond: maritime and rail transport, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, industrial applications (handling, lifting) and recreational applications (2 and 3-wheelers, snowmobiles, jet skis).

Bontaz designs, develops and manufactures sub-systems for H2, air and cooling loops, intended for the following applications:

  • Electric mobility, for the road, rail, maritime and aeronautical sectors.

  • Stationary systems, to supply stand-alone and emergency power systems. 

Our portfolio of components covers a wide range of fuel cell system outputs (up to 1MW). Bontaz has extensive expertise in fluid flow engineering and its associated control.

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Developing technological solutions for the fuel cell

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Deploying their fuel cell ambition

As the key to more sustainable mobility and a low-carbon future, the fuel cell is a major technological and industrial project on which Bontaz is focusing all its efforts:

  • Improving component performance and controlling costs: ever lighter and more compact, our products are designed to deliver optimum performance and maximum service life.

  • Robust solutions: based on our experience with internal combustion engines for trucks and off-road vehicles

  • Eco-design: to reduce our impact on the environment, we integrate the precepts of sustainable development into the design phase of our products, and throughout their life cycle.

  • Vertical integration: from the design of the hydraulic system to the development of the valve actuator, we control every stage in the production and distribution of our components.

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Contact Them

Jamie Crowley

New Business Development Manager H2 & BEV

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