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Their mission: We decarbonize industry.

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“Hycamite is delighted to announce our membership in the USHA. Hycamite is fully committed to catering to the needs of our clients in The United States, and this partnership marks an exhilarating new chapter. The remarkable advantages of methane splitting have been proven successful, and we are ready to meet the surging demands of the dynamic American industry.”

About Hycamite

Hycamite produces clean hydrogen and industrial-quality solid carbon by splitting methane using proprietary zero-emission technology. It is based on the thermo-catalytic decomposition (TCD) of methane molecules — in other words, we break the methane with our catalyst and heat.


The novel methane pyrolysis technology requires only 13% of the energy needed to produce hydrogen using electrolysis. Hycamite’s technology enables the production of low-carbon or even carbon-negative hydrogen. Hydrogen can be produced from biomethane, methane from natural gas, or synthetic methane.


As a cutting-edge carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) technology, Hycamite’s solution enables the creation of carbon sinks, providing clients with industrial-quality carbon fit for demanding applications, such as Li-ion batteries, composite materials and filter purifiers. Hycamite’s production is environmentally friendly. There are no emissions into the atmosphere and the catalysts used are sustainable. Hycamite is a privately owned company headquartered in Kokkola, Finland.

Carolina Ahlstrand

Established in 2020, Hycamite specializes in producing hydrogen and solid carbon nanoproducts through methane splitting. With a new industrial-scale facility in Kokkola, Finland, Hycamite is poised to significantly impact the clean energy sector. Carolina highlights the company's upcoming expansion into the U.S. market, driven by opportunities from the Inflation Reduction Act. Despite its size, Hycamite's flexible and scalable technology enables rapid adaptation and competition with larger industry players, positioning the company to support global energy transitions.

Zero-emission low-cost hydrogen production

Key benefits:

  • Low-cost, emission-free hydrogen production

  • Quick start with hydrogen

  • Switch to hydrogen one step at a time

  • Easy scalability 

  • Flexible and decentralised hydrogen production

  • Safe way to store hydrogen

Learn more here.

Carolina Ahlstrand

“There is no price tag on what USHA has done for us. We have not felt this support with any other organization so far. The value is not only in introductions to relevant actors and states but also with the members. It's also about the care, the personalized care, and attention to our needs.”

Contact Them

Carolina Ahlstrand

Business Development Director

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