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UK Hydrogen Strategy

Aug 4, 2021

The UK Hydrogen Strategy takes a holistic approach to developing a thriving UK hydrogen sector. It sets out what needs to happen to enable the production, distribution, storage and use of hydrogen and to secure economic opportunities for our industrial heartlands and across the UK.

The UK Hydrogen Strategy outlines the nation's plan to integrate low carbon hydrogen as a key component in achieving net zero emissions. Hydrogen offers a sustainable alternative to high-carbon fuels, with potential applications in power, heat, transport, and industry. Despite the current minimal low carbon hydrogen production, the UK aims to produce 5GW by 2030, supporting its Sixth Carbon Budget and net zero targets.

The Strategy is structured as follows:

  1. Introduction: Emphasizes hydrogen's role in achieving net zero, detailing its current production and potential benefits. The 2030 vision includes emission reductions, job creation, and economic growth, emphasizing collaboration with the devolved nations.

  2. Whole-Systems Approach: Presents a roadmap for the 2020s, developed with industry input, detailing the evolution of the hydrogen economy into the 2030s. It examines the entire hydrogen value chain, from production to storage and usage in various sectors. The chapter also discusses the development of a hydrogen market, regulatory frameworks, and the importance of public awareness and acceptance.

  3. Economic Opportunities: Focuses on leveraging the hydrogen economy for economic benefits across the UK. The chapter outlines strategies to establish sustainable supply chains, create jobs, foster research and innovation, and attract investments. It also highlights the potential for export opportunities in a low-carbon hydrogen economy.

  4. Global Leadership: Describes the UK's collaboration with other leading hydrogen nations to promote low carbon hydrogen globally. The UK actively participates in key international hydrogen institutions and seeks partnerships to develop domestic and international hydrogen markets.

  5. Monitoring Progress: Concludes the Strategy by detailing how the UK will track its progress in developing the hydrogen economy. It emphasizes a flexible, transparent, and forward-looking approach, using specific indicators and metrics to measure outcomes. This ensures alignment with the 2030 ambition and the broader vision of a low carbon hydrogen economy contributing to net zero goals.

In summary, the UK Hydrogen Strategy presents a comprehensive plan to harness hydrogen's potential in transitioning to a sustainable energy future, emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and global leadership.

Read the strategy here:

UK Hydrogen Strategy
Download PDF • 11.15MB

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