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Namibia's Green Hydrogen and Derivatives Strategy

Nov 7, 2022

Namibia's "Green Hydrogen and Derivatives Strategy" outlines the nation's ambition to harness its renewable energy resources for green hydrogen production, aiming to contribute up to US$6 billion to its GDP and create 80,000 jobs by 2030. The strategy envisions exporting hydrogen products globally, establishing three hydrogen valleys within the country, and fostering a green fuel ecosystem across Southern Africa.

The document titled "Namibia. Green Hydrogen and Derivatives Strategy" is published by the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Namibia with support from the German Government and other partners. The strategy outlines Namibia's ambition to leverage its renewable energy resources to produce green hydrogen and its derivatives, aiming to contribute significantly to the global decarbonization effort. By 2030, the hydrogen industry in Namibia could contribute up to US$6 billion to the GDP and generate up to 80,000 jobs. The country plans to focus on exporting hydrogen products like ammonia, methanol, synthetic kerosene, and hot-briquetted iron. Namibia aspires to establish three hydrogen valleys in different regions and envisions creating a green fuel ecosystem across Southern Africa. The strategy emphasizes the importance of skill development, a conducive regulatory framework, shared infrastructure, and international partnerships to achieve its goals. The document also highlights the global demand for hydrogen, with Europe, Japan, South Korea, China, and North America expected to drive 70% of the demand by 2030. Many countries will rely on imports, positioning Namibia as a potential key supplier in the global hydrogen market.

Read the strategy here:

Download PDF • 34.07MB

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