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Morocco's National Roadmap for Green Hydrogen

Aug 9, 2021

Morocco's "STRATEGIE NATIONALE DE L’HYDROGENE VERT" outlines its ambitious plans for green hydrogen production, aiming for 3,500 GWh by 2030, powered by renewable energy sources. The strategy emphasizes the reduction of CO2 emissions, decreased reliance on oil and gas imports, and the potential for significant economic investments and job creation in the hydrogen supply chain.

The document titled "STRATEGIE NATIONALE DE L’HYDROGENE VERT" outlines Morocco's national strategy for green hydrogen. The strategy emphasizes the country's potential due to its strategic geographical location and well-connected gas and port infrastructures. By 2030, Morocco aims to achieve a domestic production of 3,500 GWh of hydrogen from electrolysis, powered by 3 GW of Renewable Energy projects, primarily from photovoltaic (80%) and wind power (20%). The green hydrogen will mainly replace natural gas and petroleum in refineries, industry, and transport sectors. The strategy also highlights the expected benefits by 2030, including a reduction of CO2 emissions by 750 ktCO2, a decrease in gas and oil imports by 500 ktoe, and total investments in the hydrogen supply chain amounting to 3-4 billion euros. The strategy further outlines a phased approach, with the initial phase (2022-2027) focusing on infrastructure development with state aid due to high costs, followed by the launch of pilot projects (2025-2030), market creation (2027-2035), and industrial maturation (2030-2045). The document also discusses potential development trends in the industry, including the design and construction of hydrogen installations, production of low carbon footprint heat in industrial furnaces, and modification of gas pipelines. The strategy envisions hydrogen playing a significant role in heavy vehicles, with the parallel development of vehicle supply infrastructure. The strategy also proposes various action plans, including research & innovation, local content, financing, exports, storage, and domestic markets.

Read the strategy here:

Stategie nationale de l Hydrogene vert
Download PDF • 634KB

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