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Green Hydrogen Roadmap in Uruguay

Jun 7, 2022

Uruguay, having nearly decarbonized its electricity matrix with 97% renewable energies, is strategically positioned to become a competitive player in the green hydrogen industry. By 2040, the nation aims to produce one million tons of hydrogen annually, potentially generating revenues of 2.1 billion dollars and creating over 35,000 skilled jobs, thereby diversifying its economy and boosting economic development.

Green Hydrogen Roadmap in Uruguay:

  1. Introduction:

    • The document is a result of collaboration between various institutions, coordinated by the MIEM, with support from the IADB during 2021 and early 2022. It serves as a technical input for the Uruguayan State to design public policies for the development of the green hydrogen industry.

  2. Acronyms:

    • The document lists various acronyms related to institutions, energy units, and other relevant terms.

  3. Foreword:

    • The foreword emphasizes the global shift towards decarbonization and the role of hydrogen in achieving this. It highlights Uruguay's potential in green hydrogen production and export, given its renewable energy resources and infrastructure.

  4. Executive Summary:

    • Uruguay has nearly decarbonized its electricity matrix with a 97% share of renewable energies. The country's abundant wind and solar resources make it competitive for hydrogen production.

    • By 2040, hydrogen production could reach one million tons per year, requiring 20 GW of renewable energies and 10 GW of electrolyzers.

    • The green hydrogen industry could generate annual revenues of 2.1 billion dollars for Uruguay by 2040 and create over 35,000 direct skilled jobs.

    • The development of a green hydrogen economy will diversify the national productive matrix, increase added value, and contribute to economic development.

  5. Collaboration and Methodology:

    • Uruguay started its green hydrogen journey in 2018 with the formation of an interinstitutional group. The roadmap's development involved technical studies, collaboration with McKinsey & Company, and discussions with relevant sector actors.

The document further delves into the reasons for focusing on green hydrogen, its potential in Uruguay, production methods, market potential, ambitions for 2040, risks, state policies, and references.

Read the roadmap here:

Green Hydrogen Roadmap in Uruguay
Download PDF • 4.75MB

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