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Chile's National Green Hydrogen Strategy

Nov 2, 2020

Chile, a clean energy provider for a carbon neutral planet

Summary of Chile's Green Hydrogen Strategy:


  • By 2025:

    • Chile aims to be Latin America's top destination for green hydrogen investment.

    • Target of 5 GW of electrolysis capacity operating and under development.

    • Production of 200,000 tonnes annually in at least two ‘hydrogen valleys’.

  • By 2030:

    • Chile aims to be the world's cheapest green hydrogen producer (<US$1.5/kg).

    • Aspire to be a global leader in green hydrogen exports and derivatives.

    • Target of 25 GW capacity in hydrogen production via electrolysis.

Implementation Approach:

  1. First Stage (up to 2025):

    • Focus on replacing imported ammonia with local production.

    • Replace fossil fuel-derived hydrogen in oil refineries.

    • Promote green hydrogen for heavy and long-distance transportation in concentrated zones.

  2. Second Stage (up to 2030):

    • Begin exporting hydrogen and its derivatives.

    • Replace a larger share of liquid fuels in transportation and increase blending into gas grids due to competitive green hydrogen production costs.

  3. Third Stage (post-2030):

    • Decarbonise shipping and aviation sectors using green hydrogen-derived fuels.

    • Continue to grow exports.


  • Promote domestic and export markets, including a funding round of up to US$50 million for green hydrogen projects.

  • Focus on standards, safety, and piloting.

  • Emphasize social and local development.

  • Build capacity and foster innovation.

Recent Developments:

  • April 2021: Corfo released bidding guidelines for its first call to develop green hydrogen projects, offering up to US$30 million for projects of 10MW or more, operational by end of 2025.

  • December 2021: Corfo selected six projects with a combined electrolyser capacity of 388 MW. These projects, funded at US$50 million, are expected to be operational by end 2025.

  • May 2022: Agreements were signed with three of the six selected companies.

  • June 2023: Corfo established a US$1 billion fund for green hydrogen projects, set to launch in Q3 2024. The fund comprises:

    • US$150 million from the World Bank in 2023, with a potential additional US$200 million loan later.

    • A US$400 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank.

    • €100 million each from the European Investment Bank and the German state-owned bank KfW, with a €16.5 million top-up from the EU.

    • A US$250 million contribution from Corfo.

Read the strategy here:

Chile's National Green Hydrogen Strategy
Download PDF • 10.30MB

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