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Why is Hycamite a member of USHA?

Hear from Carolina Ahlstrand, Business Development Director for Hycamite, on why they are members of USHA.

Why is Hycamite a member of USHA?

Hi, my name is Carolina and I am the Business Development Director for Hycamite. I have a background in oil and gas in Houston, Texas, prior to moving to Finland, where Hycamite is located. I have a bachelor's degree in Business Management and a master's in International Commerce and Finance.

Hycamite is a startup deep tech, award-winning technology, and due to the incentives from the IRA, we found that the United States market was something of interest. USHA simply provided the necessary platform, networking, and lobbying, so it seemed like the perfect match ever since I saw Roxana on a panel at the Third American Hydrogen Forum.

USHA has helped us as they represent us in every event they participate in, where USHA is involved. They have helped us by introducing us to different senators and staff of senators from states that are of interest to Hycamite. They have also helped us by celebrating monthly meetings with us, trying to figure out our interests, how they can help, and they have been most educational. They organize webinars related to IRA, how we can collaborate with other USHA members, among many other things.

Just as the IRS guidelines are hopefully coming this week, hopefully before the year ends, it has helped us by understanding what would be the scenarios regarding those guidelines. For example, we are preparing ourselves to understand a little bit more throughout the entirety of our membership with USHA, which started back in March 2023. They have helped us not only with introductions at different shows of hydrogen off-takers but also looking into different interests from Hycamite, which would be introducing us to carbon offers even though not exactly related to hydrogen, but because our technology produces carbon, they have been most helpful.

There is no price tag on what USHA has done for us. We have not felt this support with any other organization so far. The value is not only in introductions to relevant actors and states but also with the members. It's also about the care, the personalized care, and attention to our needs. So having said that, you cannot put a price on being members.

My final remarks would be: I encourage everybody to join or follow and learn and get educated by USHA. Our experience has been phenomenal, and we look forward to 2024 with USHA and hopefully more members. So that we can, as we like to call ourselves, USHA family members, we can together make the necessary changes for this hydrogenic economy.

Watch the video below:

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