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Why is HSB a member of USHA?

Hear from George Drake, Global Project Manager at HSB, on the value of USHA.

Why is HSB a member of USHA?

How has USHA helped HSB grow?

My name is George Drake. I am the Global Project Manager with Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB). I've been with HSB since 2009, coming from the United States Navy where I worked on boilers and pressure vessels. I retired from the Navy and joined HSB. It's amazing to me the amount of people and experience I've gained and met over the years. I'm just happy to be where I am and be a part of this emerging hydrogen market that is basically going to change, I hope, our climate and our world forever.

HSB joined the U.S. Hydrogen Alliance to become part of a bigger team in the hydrogen space. Having the U.S. Hydrogen Alliance connections in the business of hydrogen allows HSB to build relationships, partnerships with project donors, EPS, manufacturers, lawmakers, and even end users at the ground level. There are lots of projects out there now that are starting, and this is when you really need to make sure that everything is happening as it should.

How can USHA and HSB grow the future hydrogen economy?

I think HSB's work with U.S. Hydrogen Alliance will help shape the future of the U.S. hydrogen economy, probably by independent third-party inspections, verifications, certifications - those are the things that HSB brings to the table. With so few companies with any experience, it's amazing to me the companies that are in the hydrogen space with very little experience right now and they're supposed to be performing, fabricating, or building hydrogen and moving hydrogen. Having a company like HSB with over 150 years of experience in industrial inspections and certifications, I think, will actually help make these projects more bankable, more profitable, and most of all safe, and I think that's huge in the economy of hydrogen and making it a household word and usage.

Can you estimate the value USHA has created for HSB through networking and other introductions?

Well, I can tell you that just when you asked about the relationships and the marketing and the time we spend with, whether we're networking or we're actually in a work setting, I think that HSB has gained hundreds of contacts through the U.S. Hydrogen Alliance. The network is fantastic. The sponsorship in certain events - I've been able to really get involved with the Hydrogen Alliance and spend some time with people on your team who have helped grow our contacts and our business. Our membership has opened up so many doors to so many people and so many companies in this emerging market. I can't be happier with our membership. And as the membership continues to grow with the Hydrogen Alliance, so does the opportunities to work with more companies and really make a difference in the future in the hydrogen space.

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