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Why is HNO International a member of USHA?

Hear from Greg Heller from HNOI on the value of USHA.

Why is HNO International a member of USHA?

I'm Greg Heller, Chief Technology Officer of HNO International. We joined USHA seeking support as a startup working on hydrogen production facilities, refueling, and related technologies. We needed support, guidance, and wanted to expand our network. One of our partners introduced us to USHA, praising its active engagement in the field. Since joining, we've found immense value, benefiting from connections, partnerships, and valuable information, particularly regarding tax credits and incentives around clean hydrogen.

In our six months with USHA, the return on investment has been evident through the connections made and knowledge gained, especially during USHA's series on tax incentives, which clarified many complexities for us. USHA's role is crucial in accelerating the application of clean hydrogen and fostering partnerships within the industry, contributing to the growth of the hydrogen economy.

Our membership has yielded numerous contacts, either through direct recommendations from USHA or through networking at events. These connections have been crucial for our technology and product development. USHA offers tailored support, not a one-size-fits-all approach, which suits our company's need for flexibility and responsiveness to new information. USHA consistently provides valuable insights that help refine our strategy and facilitates introductions, accelerating our product development, sales, and organizational opportunities. We are thrilled with our USHA membership and the benefits it has brought to our company.

Watch his testimonial below:

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