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Why is Ballard Power Systems a Member of USHA?

Hear from Tim Sasseen from Ballard Power Systems on the value they've received by being members of USHA.

Why is Ballard Power Systems a Member of USHA?

I'm Tim Sasseen, Director of Market Development and Public Affairs for Ballard Power Systems for North America and also Board President for the US Hydrogen Alliance. Ballard joined the US Hydrogen Alliance to influence policy, especially at the state level, during this period of significant opportunities and funding from both federal and state governments. We aim to ensure that the emerging policies are wise and effective, fostering industry growth, job creation, and energy security in the US.

At the US Hydrogen Alliance, we've seen real policy impact, with legislation developed and passed that enhances state-level understanding of hydrogen and ensures the proper allocation of funds. This support allows our products to reach the market and provides our customers with the necessary resources to deploy these solutions. I encourage engagement with the US Hydrogen Alliance to contribute to shaping the hydrogen policy landscape during this pivotal time, driving decarbonization to be swift, efficient, and economically advantageous for all.

Watch his testimonial below:

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