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Hivers and Strivers Capital

Their mission: To provide early-stage financing to ventures led by U.S. military veterans.

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About Hivers and Strivers

Hivers & Strivers was founded by Doug Doan, a successful angel investor and a 1979 graduate of West Point. Doan sought to leverage the qualities he saw in the highest caliber military veterans to create successful investments. “Hive” is a term used throughout history at West Point to describe an individual who consistently overachieves, is at the top of their class academically, and puts forth their absolute best effort to accomplish their goals. This term represents the genesis of the name Hivers & Strivers. Hivers & Strivers does not simply seek out great ideas for investment opportunities, but rather searches for a military veteran founder who exhibits the qualities of a “hive” and will do everything they can to push their team over the finish line. 10 years and 2 funds later, this founding principle of investing in only high caliber military veterans, has resulted in a 60+% IRR across all investments.

They invest exclusively in companies led by U.S. military veterans. They invest across all industries and seek out companies whose leadership teams exhibits the highest qualities of military veterans — grit, determination, and fierce execution skills.

Learn more about their investments here.

Their Portfolio

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Douglas Doan

General Partner

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