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Varea Energy

Their mission: Pioneering the development of consumer hydrogen fuel products.Their efforts aid to further decarbonize the transportation industry and increase hydrogen fuel uses in a rapidly growing green energy market.

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"Joining the United States Hydrogen Alliance marks a pivotal step for Varea, Inc. in reshaping the traditional energy landscape. Our commitment to this alliance is a bold move toward a new era of energy, where innovation and sustainability lead the way. We're not just following the future; we're defining it for a cleaner, more efficient world."

What Varea Energy Can Do For You

Varea’s value proposition to customers includes:

- Developing consumer hydrogen fuel products.

- Proliferating the use of green energy.

- Advancing technology that decarbonizes transportation and home energy uses.

  • Advanced Safety Protocols,

  • Cutting-Edge Hydrogen Compression system made in the U.S.

  • High-Capacity Fuel Cell to support building backup: Over 100kW,

  • Scalable design for easy commissioning and adjustments,

  • Supporting Onsite or Offsite Hydrogen Production,

  • Customizable Storage Options: 10-10,000 kg,

  • High-Pressure Delivery: 35 MPa or 70 MPa fueling protocols,

  • Intuitive Touch Screen for Automatic Filling,

  • Smartphone Integration, and

  • Portable Design for Easy Relocation.

  • Industry-Endorsed: Backed by the Pneumatic and Hydraulic Company’s 65+ years of experience and Greentown Labs, North America’s largest climate tech incubator.

  • Quality Components: We source directly from reputable U.S. manufacturers, ensuring both reliability and reduced lead times, and maximum federal grants and incentives.

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Their stations are equipped with:

H² Refueling Station

Hydrogen Refueling Station

Contact Them

Anna Dai

Founder, CEO

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