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Southwest Gas

Their commitment: to provide safe, reliable, and affordable natural gas service to its customers.

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About Southwest Gas

Southwest Gas Corporation is a company that provides natural gas service to parts of Arizona, Nevada, and California. 

  1. Services: Southwest Gas primarily engages in the purchasing, distributing, and transporting of natural gas to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

  2. Coverage Area: The company serves more than 2 million customers across the southwestern United States, including major metropolitan areas in the states of Arizona, Nevada, and California.

  3. Sustainability Initiatives: Southwest Gas has shown interest in sustainability and environmental responsibility, with efforts to reduce emissions and promote energy efficiency.

  4. History: Founded in 1931, Southwest Gas has a long history of providing natural gas services in the region.

  5. Subsidiaries and Affiliates: In addition to its core natural gas business, Southwest Gas has subsidiaries and affiliates involved in construction services, utility infrastructure, and other related areas.

  6. Stock Information: Southwest Gas Corporation is publicly traded and listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "SWX."

Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles

Key advantages:

  • Commercial fleets fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG) help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In 2019, Southwest Gas delivered 32 therms of Compressed Natural Gas for vehicles in place of Diesel to customers in Arizona, California and Nevada. This Eliminated 68,000 metric tons of GHG Emissions.

  • With the introduction of renewable natural gas (RNG) as an option for fleets, our customers can benefit from Renewable Energy Credits and even further reductions in greenhouse gas emissions attributed to their company or organization.

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Scott Leeds

Director of Public Affairs

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