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Pristine Energy Inc.

Their Mission: to decode, explore and develop natural hydrogen in commercial quantities.

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About Pristine Energy Inc.

The Company’s focus is supplying the most inexpensive, efficient, and abundant form of clean hydrogen from naturally occurring sources to accelerate the coming global hydrogen economy. 

The Company has developed a proprietary exploration methodology that involves the synergistic application of an algorithm-based model, satellite imagery and spectral analysis coupled with surface geochemical and geophysical supported by artificial intelligence.

The Company will employ its proprietary exploration methodology in areas with certain targeted structural features and geological depositions to discover, extract and capture commercial quantities of hydrogen gas from subterranean systems.


Our management team is comprised of veteran oil and gas exploration and development professionals with expertise in prospect generation, field development and frontier exploration. 

Our technical team includes geologists, geochemists, geophysicists, and engineers who are at the forefront of native hydrogen exploration, with practical on-the-ground experience finding hydrogen seeps and structures globally.

  • Evidence strongly supports the occurrence of natural hydrogen in geological systems.

  • Clean, abundant and efficiently produced

  • Producing natural hydrogen could well become the least expensive method of producing hydrogen, with estimated production costs < $1.00 per kilogram

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Why Natural Hydrogen?

Hydrogen Molecules

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