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OKLAHOMA - Hydrogen Production, Infrastructure, & Production Task Force Report & Roadmap

Dec 1, 2021

The OK H2 Task Force was formed to assess Oklahoma's potential in the hydrogen economy. Leveraging its resources, the state could create 6,000 jobs and generate up to $2.5 billion, with a focus on transportation and industry.

The Hydrogen Production, Transportation, and Infrastructure Task Force (OK H2 Task Force) was formed under Senate Bill 1021 to study and report on the potential of expanding the hydrogen economy in Oklahoma and its potential for energy export.

Key Points:

  • Collaboration is essential between industries, investors, research institutions, and policymakers to unlock the hydrogen economy's full potential in Oklahoma.

  • Oklahoma's resources, including natural gas supplies, water supplies, low electricity costs, and renewable energy, make it a strong contender for hydrogen production and export.

  • Developing the hydrogen economy in Oklahoma could create over 6,000 jobs and bring in $1.5 billion to $2.5 billion for the state.

  • Oklahoma's advantageous location, business-friendly policies, and existing hydrogen facilities position it to meet the nation's demand for low-carbon hydrogen fuel.

  • The state has vast reserves of hydrogen in natural gas and ample geologic space for fuel storage, including carbon capture.

  • The OK H2 Task Force emphasized low or no carbon hydrogen, focusing on two main types: blue hydrogen (from natural gas with carbon capture) and green hydrogen (from renewable energy and water).

  • Hydrogen's commercial opportunities in Oklahoma are in the industrial and transportation sectors, with fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs) being a promising application, especially for heavy-duty trucking.

  • The Task Force recommends focusing on growing Oklahoma's hydrogen economy, ensuring hydrogen fuel is regulated similarly to compressed natural gas (CNG) and electric vehicles (EV), and collaborating with neighboring states and federal agencies to strengthen the hydrogen economy.

Read the report here:

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