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Hydrogen Society Roadmap for South Africa

Feb 9, 2022

South Africa's "Hydrogen Society Roadmap" outlines the nation's strategy to harness hydrogen as a sustainable energy source, leveraging its rich renewable resources and strategic advantages in the global hydrogen market. The roadmap emphasizes decarbonizing transport and industries, creating an export market for green hydrogen, and fostering research, innovation, and inclusivity in the hydrogen sector.

South African Hydrogen Society Roadmap 2021

South Africa's "Hydrogen Society Roadmap 2021" outlines the nation's strategic approach to harnessing hydrogen as a sustainable energy source. Recognizing the country's rich renewable energy resources, the roadmap emphasizes:

  1. Decarbonization of Various Sectors: The document underscores the potential of hydrogen in reducing carbon emissions across multiple sectors, including transport, industry, and power generation.

  2. Green Hydrogen Export Market: South Africa aims to position itself as a key player in the global hydrogen market. The roadmap highlights the country's potential to produce green hydrogen at competitive prices and the opportunity to establish a robust export market.

  3. Research and Innovation: The document emphasizes the importance of research, development, and innovation in advancing hydrogen technologies. It also underscores the role of public-private partnerships in driving innovation and commercialization.

  4. Policy and Regulation: The roadmap discusses the need for a conducive policy environment to support the growth of the hydrogen economy. This includes establishing clear regulations, standards, and incentives.

  5. Infrastructure Development: The development of hydrogen infrastructure, including production facilities, storage, and distribution networks, is highlighted as a critical component for the successful implementation of the roadmap.

  6. Capacity Building and Skills Development: Recognizing the nascent stage of the hydrogen industry, the document stresses the importance of capacity building, training, and skills development to meet the industry's future demands.

In essence, the "Hydrogen Society Roadmap 2021" provides a comprehensive blueprint for South Africa to leverage its renewable resources, develop a thriving hydrogen economy, and play a significant role in the global hydrogen market.

Read the roadmap here:

Hydrogen Society Roadmap for South Africa
Download PDF • 16.53MB

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