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RW Energy - Small Business Feature

Hear from Darin Knicely, CEO and Co-Owner of RW Energy, talk about the core values of his company.

RW Energy - Small Business Feature

Hi, I'm Darin Knicely, the CEO of RW Energy. RW Energy is a project and infrastructure developer for blue hydrogen projects. We spend time not only in blue hydrogen but also carbon capture and developing the hydrogen market. We work from investor to marketing or off-take partners, negotiating each piece of the value chain of hydrogen.

There are a lot of advantages to being a small business in the hydrogen space today because the market is evolving; it's not fully mature. You need to be flexible and agile, a word we like to use very often to help define when your company is available and able to move from small business to large business or to a larger corporate enterprise company. I think some of the advantages that come along with a small business, of course, is getting a foothold in the market, respect for the name of a small business, and then also the services that are the back end that not everyone sees, such as accounting and administrative support, are often more difficult because you don't have the scale to be able to tie into the larger groups. Over time, but overall, RW Energy is very happy to be a small business space trying to challenge the very large task to bring the hydrogen market to fruition through innovative practices.

You know, RW is what we tell people, recycle waste, but it came out of our children's initials when we were starting it up because we wanted to always have that long-range view of okay, we're switching up the ability to power our world, but that's not going to be our work alone. We're going to have to hand that off, so one of the core values is to make sure that every generation, we understand every generation has value. How as a small business do you get through a growing industrial market? It's a great opportunity to get into this space, but the reality is it is not a fast-paced 10x in two years process. We built RW Energy to be a generational company so that we could think about how our families and the generations behind us benefit from our core values being set in place now.

So my advice as a small business moving into the hydrogen market or anywhere dealing with some of these industrial complexes is to take the long-range view, wash out some of the mindset of quick return, easy access to money. You need to be able to work to money. You need to be able to over-explain yourself. 90% of my day is educating the market on hydrogen. Over time that will change, but that means I have to come with humility, which is a major core value for us, and be able to see value in every generation we run into. So we want more small businesses in the space; we need more innovation. Welcome aboard and come and work with RW Energy.

Watch the interview below:

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