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Hycamite Small Business Interview

Hear from Carolina Ahlstrand, Business Development Director at Finnish company Hycamite, where we discussed the company's innovative approach to clean energy.

Hycamite Small Business Interview

My name is Carolina Ahlstrand, I am the business development director for a Finnish company called Hycamite. I moved to Finland about five years ago and started working in Hamite a little bit over a year ago. My background is in oil and gas in Houston, Texas, prior to moving to Finland, and before that oil gas as well in Mexico where I'm originally from. I have over 25 years of experience in different areas but especially focusing on sales and project management, and I obviously speak Spanish, English, and my Finnish is just barely getting there, but that's about myself in a nutshell.

Thank you so much for asking that. Hycamite is, as I mentioned before, a Finnish company. It was founded in 2020 by Matti Malkamäki, our chairman of the board, Laa Rahika, our CEO, and N Grist, our VP of carbon. Hamite creates hydrogen and solid carbon nanoproducts by methane splitting. We split the methane molecule and we produce these two other molecules which, as you know due to the energy transition, are very sought after. What sets us apart from other companies is that we can scale up pretty fast. Currently, we are finishing the construction for our industrial scale facility here in Kokkola, Finland, where we're located and it'll be a 2 kiloton per annum facility which will mean 6 kilotons of carbon per annum.

Now having said that, and having the dates of the fall or winter to be actually producing these large amounts, we are interested in the United States market as previously mentioned to you and on the different conversations that we've had with USHA because of the Inflation Reduction Act and other incentives we've generated a lot of interest in the United States. We're actually going there in June to sign some interesting partnerships and we could not envision ourselves anywhere else other than the United States. However, our goals are ambitious and we're planning to help the energy transition at a global level. The advantages for a company that is no longer that small anymore, we are a little bit over 52 employees with different international backgrounds, is that we are flexible and we can adapt faster and better than large corporations, for example, and we are able to cater to different markets. Our technology in itself is so affordable and scalable that being a small company actually allows us to enter new markets in a faster way than other corporations would do and the challenges, well it sort of relates to the same.

The challenges are entering markets where there are large established corporations and also grandfathered industries where proving that your technology is the best or the most innovative may sometimes take a little bit more time than usual. But other than that, I certainly don't see any challenges. I remember when I was younger, we had a professor that would tell us that there's no challenges, there's only possibilities and opportunities and that's how we would like to continue seeing the future for Hycamite since I joined the company as I mentioned a little bit over a year ago. We have definitely mapped our way. We are already at this very early stage entering the United States market which is for many a market that everybody would like to go to or aspire to and the way that we have done it is by joining associations like USHA or alliances in this case. So when you find the right association, it allows you not only to network which is a must in this business but it also allows you to understand at the local and national level what are the opportunities regulatory-wise, for example, how to get your voice heard, how to actually find possible investors and partners. So my recommendation to companies that are our size, so once again not that small, would be to take the time and invest in traveling to where your target market is and making the most of it. I had the opportunity to meet Roxana a little bit over a year ago as well and right away you can tell if that is the right person that can introduce you to other important players. So it's not only finding the right association, it's also finding the right balance making sure that that relationship is something that you look forward to and that you can learn from.

Watch the interview below:

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