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HNO International

Their mission: To provide customized clean hydrogen solutions to accelerate innovation and decarbonization across industries worldwide.

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"We want to make clean technology accessible to all communities. All people are affected by climate change, and everyone needs to be empowered to solve it."
Greg Heller, CTO

About HNO International

HNO started as a private hydrogen electrolyzer research company in 2008—pioneering discoveries into how hydrogen could be added to internal combustion engines to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

Nearly a decade and a dozen patents later, HNO created a systems integration engineering and design division to respond to the growing need for producing green hydrogen at scale.

As one of the only companies in the world with a long track record of working on green and carbon-negative hydrogen production, we believe our mass-producible hydrogen technology is the most cost-effective way to actually reduce your organization's carbon footprint.

Paul Mueller
President and CEO

With a predicted industry growth of over 50% CAGR in the next five years, HNO International focuses on integrating and fielding hydrogen infrastructure to facilitate access to clean, green hydrogen for industrial uses and beyond. Paul emphasized the importance of local production and distribution in driving this sector forward and transitioning long-haul logistics from diesel to hydrogen.

Scalable Hydrogen Energy Platform (SHEP)

Key features:

  • Water and electricity for zero-emissions hydrogen.

  • Modular all-in-one hydrogen generation system.

  • 99.999% hydrogen purity for various uses.

  • Compressor configurable to 35-1000 bar.

  • Cost-competitive with grey/blue hydrogen.

  • Compatible with multiple storage techniques.

  • Small footprint for versatile installation.

  • Qualifies for lucrative US tax credits.

  • Low water requirements, built-in purification.

  • Alkaline/AEM electrolysis, no rare metals.

  • Redundancy and production flexibility.

  • Rapid response to variable renewables.

  • Smart, fully automatic operation.

  • Proven, commercially available components.

  • Modular, upgradable design for expansion.

Learn more here.

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Compact Hydrogen Refueling System (CHRS)

Key features:

  • Small footprint (roughly one parking space)

  • All-in-one solution integrating hydrogen production, compression, and refueling.

  • Compact, re-deployable design ensures seamless setup and refueling anywhere.

  • Enables swift refueling of hydrogen vehicles within 5 minutes.

  • Equipped with fully-integrated, state-of-the-art hydrogen compressor.

  • User-friendly touch screen interface provides automatic fill functionality.

  • Integrated smart-phone support

  • Fuel cell capable of provide over 100kW, 20amp power

  • Lightweight construction allows easy transport in a standard pickup truck.

  • Industry leading safety features

  • H2 output: Capable of producing onsite 5-50 kg/day

  • Configurable Hydrogen Storage: 10-1000 kg.

  • Low capital solution

  • Capable of delivering a pressure of 35 MPa or 70 MPa

Learn more here.

Hydrogen Carbon Cleaner

Simple Four Step Process to a Cleaner Engine:

  1. Hydrogen Carbon Cleaner connects to the engine's air intake

  2. Hydrogen enriched gas enters the engine's cylinders

  3. Hydrogen Carbon Cleaner Oxyhydrogen gas reacts with carbon deposits

  4. All is then omitted thru the exhaust as a gas

Learn more here.

Hydrogen Carbon Cleaner
Greg Heller
HNO International

"In our six months with USHA, the return on investment has been evident through the connections made and knowledge gained, especially during USHA's series on tax incentives, which clarified many complexities for us. USHA's role is crucial in accelerating the application of clean hydrogen and fostering partnerships within the industry, contributing to the growth of the hydrogen economy."

Contact Them

Greg Heller

Chief Technology Officer

+1 (951) 305-8872

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