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Their mission: to provide value to the marketplace through innovative solutions focused on safety and quality while fostering a workplace environment centered on employee growth, retention, and appreciation.

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About Audubon

Audubon began in 1997 with three engineers and a vision—to deliver repeatable project success and contribute to a better tomorrow. Since then, we have built a reputation as a leading provider of engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), construction management (EPCM), fabrication (EPFC), consulting, and technical services for the energy, chemicalsrenewablespower and utility, and industrial markets.

Today, Audubon is recognized by customers and employees alike for its flexibility and project execution. We apply technological innovation and agile problem-solving to overcome complex challenges with multidisciplinary capabilities and extensive experience. Our network of companies includes Audubon Engineering Company, Audubon Field Solutions, Audubon Construction Solutions, Audubon Carbon, Opero Energy, and Affinity Management Group.

Audubon is committed to safety, sustainability, and success in all we do, putting people and relationships first. Our focus is always on being a trusted service partner that delivers meaningful results.

Hydrogen Power Generation & CO2 Sequestration

Audubon conducted a conceptual studyfront-end engineering and design (FEED), and economic study of a large-scale hydrogen plant. The project included the conversion of inlet methane gas into a purity blue hydrogen product. The hydrogen plant captures 600,000 MTPA for carbon dioxide sequestration. The produced blue hydrogen supplies the driving fuel for combined cycle power generation (150 MW), displacing traditional carbon fuels. The project targeted energy transition goals to net-zero emission energy sources.

Project Overview:

  • Alternative fuel

  • Auto-thermal reformer

  • Blue hydrogen production

  • Water shift reaction

  • Carbon capture & sequestration

  • Power generation

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Ahad Esmaeilian

Vice President of Clean Energy

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