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Singapore’s National Hydrogen Strategy

Oct 5, 2022

Singapore envisions low-carbon hydrogen as a cornerstone for its net-zero ambitions by 2050, especially given its limited renewable energy resources. Emphasizing its role in decarbonizing various sectors, from power to maritime, Singapore's strategy focuses on advanced hydrogen projects, R&D, international partnerships, infrastructure planning, and workforce development, while seeking global collaboration to maximize hydrogen's potential.

Singapore recognizes the growing global momentum in hydrogen development and sees low-carbon hydrogen as a pivotal solution for its transition to net zero by 2050, enhancing energy security and resilience. Given Singapore's limited capacity for domestic renewable energy, low-carbon hydrogen is viewed as a vital means to decarbonize the power sector, potentially meeting up to 50% of its electricity demand by 2050. Utility-scale Combined Cycle Gas Turbines (CCGTs) that use a blend of hydrogen and natural gas are already in operation, with fully hydrogen-powered CCGTs anticipated by 2030. Furthermore, low-carbon hydrogen can mitigate industrial emissions, serve as a feedstock for sustainable products like biofuels, and replace fossil fuels in various applications. It also offers decarbonization solutions for the maritime and aviation sectors, with Singapore poised to play a significant role given its status as a global shipping and air hub. Despite the potential, Singapore remains cautious due to uncertainties around hydrogen and plans to align its hydrogen deployment with global technological advancements. The nation's strategy revolves around five key areas: pioneering projects with advanced hydrogen technologies, investing in R&D, fostering international collaborations for hydrogen supply chains, long-term infrastructure planning, and bolstering workforce training for a hydrogen-centric economy. Singapore is committed to collaborating with industry and global partners to harness the potential of low-carbon hydrogen for both the nation and the world.

Read the strategy here:

Singapore’s National Hydrogen Strategy
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