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Columbia's Hydrogen Roadmap

Aug 2, 2021

The purpose of the Hydrogen Roadmap is to contribute towards the development and implementation of low-emission carbon hydrogen in Colombia, thus reinforcing the Government's commitment to the reduction of emissions according to the objectives set forth in the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Hydrogen Roadmap for Colombia: A Summary

The Hydrogen Roadmap aims to foster the growth and use of low-emission carbon hydrogen in Colombia, aligning with the country's commitment to the 2015 Paris Agreement's emission reduction goals. This initiative is backed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) through its Energy and Climate Change and Sustainability Divisions.

Key Points:

  1. Purpose: The Roadmap seeks to analyze Colombia's hydrogen production capacity, anticipated demand, potential emissions reductions, export capabilities, and the regulatory steps required for hydrogen's widespread use.

  2. Hydrogen's Role: Hydrogen is gaining traction in the energy transition due to its versatility in various applications, including as an industrial raw material, fuel, and energy storage medium. It emits no greenhouse or pollutant gases when used. However, its production can vary in carbon emissions depending on the method and energy source.

  3. Low-Carbon Hydrogen's Impact: This form of hydrogen can fast-track Colombia's decarbonization goals. It can bolster the use of Non-Conventional Renewable Energy Sources like solar and wind by offering energy storage and transportation solutions. Colombia's energy matrix is already largely decarbonized, and the nation has abundant renewable resources for cost-effective green hydrogen production. Additionally, its gas and coal resources can be combined with CO2 capture techniques to produce low-carbon hydrogen, ensuring energy self-sufficiency.

  4. Industrial and Transport Applications: Hydrogen can replace fossil fuels in industries with limited low-carbon alternatives and serve as an energy source for hard-to-electrify transport modes. While low-carbon hydrogen is currently more expensive than conventional fuels, it can ensure Colombia's energy independence and foster industrial growth around low-carbon products.

  5. Colombia's Potential: Colombia is well-positioned to become a regional hydrogen powerhouse due to its geographical advantages and a stable regulatory environment that can attract long-term investments. The nation is focusing on technology and infrastructure investments, regulatory reforms, R&D policies, and market creation to promote hydrogen use. Through international collaborations, Colombia aims to access cutting-edge technologies, secure project financing, and establish export channels for hydrogen and its by-products.

Read the roadmap here:

Download PDF • 1.63MB

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