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Chemtec New Energies

Their mission: to foster a sustainable future by providing access to safe, reliable, cost effective infrastructure solutions to distribute and store hydrogen and “empower tomorrow’s drives”. 

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About Chemtec New Energies

At Chemtec New Energies, we're not just another energy company. We're a team of dedicated professionals committed to reshaping the future of energy. We are focused on driving access to clean energy refueling and storage solutions. 


As a division of Chemtec Energy Services, we come with a rich history of over 25 years of turnkey solutions for the oil and gas market. We've inherited a legacy rooted in engineered precision measurement and additive solutions throughout the oil and gas value stream. This has giving us a firm foundation of customer requirements in the energy segment. We know what it takes to provide a reliable, quality driven solution which is reinforced daily by our leadership team having over 120 years of combined experience in gas & petroleum custody transfer. 


Our quarter century of designing modular solutions has fostered strong relationships with industry experts in valving, measurement instruments, compression and more. All leading to “empower tomorrow’s drives” through Chemtec New Energies Hydrogen Refueling Station, transportation and storage solutions.


MAHRS-Pro is an advanced turnkey hydrogen refueling system with simplicity in mind. Designed to fit your application specific needs, with capabilities that can support any fueling requirements.


  • T20, T30, T40

  • H35 & H70

  • TK16, TK25 High Flow Nozzels

  • Buffer storage can be added

  • Consolidation capable

  • Modular

  • Strategic zoned classification areas

  • Dual dispensing/redundant nozzles

  • Back to back vehicle fills

  • Upgradable logic for resilience against changing regulations

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MAHRS-LTE is a modular take on dispensing in its simplest form. This solution can fill directly from storage without the need for a chiller. Its rudimentary design enables controlled filling while still integrating controls to manage safety.


  • Regulated fill based on temp and pressure

  • Reduced maintenance

  • Small footprint

  • Cost effective

  • Reduced lead times

  • IR Communications

Learn more here.

Hydrogen Smart Storage (HSS)

Chemtec New Energies offers a versatile gaseous storage solution that is modular to facilitate scalability to fit your needs. Each module contains 48kg of gaseous H2 at 520 bar in type 3 vessels meeting DOT requirements. Designed and built to take a proven drop and swap method deployed in Europe, these modular solutions can facilitate any storage needs with capabilities to consolidate, cascade fill and be used as buffer storage. Paired with a MAHRS unit it enables storage levels to be pulled as low as 7 bar and facilitate simultaneous operations of dispensing and consolidation, improving system efficiencies.

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Contact Them

Andrew Mahon

VP Strategic Development

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